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How to Easily Purchase Your Growth – Without Using Money

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by TJ Nelson on December 18, 2011

You are literally walking through a supermarket of growth everyday.

Do you ever find yourself thinking of doing amazing, exciting, or scary things, where you know you will benefit in the long term? Where you know if you did these things consistently, your life would be dramatically different next year?

Yet how many of us feel some fear and quickly put it aside, deeming the action not important until tomorrow (which turns into never)?

Let’s pretend you want to grow as a public speaker, yet can’t seem to volunteer for any speeches or demonstrations.  Or maybe you want to approach that babe or studly stallion yet that little fear and doubt keeps you walking on your way.

Think of the decision itself and what will be gained if you took action.

Then put a price on it.

This way you can start to see life as offering you little transactions you can take to grow yourself in any way imaginable.

Take public speaking for example.

You’re in class and the professor asks if anyone would like to get up to give a voluntary speech about a recent project.  You are nervous and scared.

  • Price: Possible Discomfort for 2 Minutes
  • Purchased: Confidence, vulnerability, chance for others to connect with you, strengthen your ability to take risk, prove to yourself that you value yourself enough to take chances.

Would you pay that small price for that gain?

A hot mama is sitting by herself and you feel attracted to her for some reason.  A growing fear of rejection starts to build inside you.

  • Price: Discomfort, possible sting of rejection
  • Purchased: Confidence, chance to meet someone amazing and connect with her on a deeper level, sense of control over your life, freedom from fear, increased self-esteem, fun experience.

This system of seeing life as transactions is beneficial for three reasons

It Forces You to Be Honest About the Real “Price.”

Will a crowd of people really throw their shoes at your face during a public speech and stab you in the kidneys repeatedly if it goes badly?

Think about the real price of things.  It generally is a short period of discomfort while we perform the action.

Even if it is the risk of trying a new business idea (assuming you aren’t dumb by spending loads of money upfront before validating your concept), what do you have to lose if you fail?  A little lost time and a couple hundred bucks, for a massive growth opportunity and the chance to change your entire life.

It Forces You to Make Simpler and Better Decisions.

How many of us get overwhelmed with decision making because our brains start blowing themselves out trying to consider all the possibilities and racking up all the unimaginable pains that could occur?

If you get the decision down to what you gain and the simple price you pay, it becomes that much easier to see what actions are netting you in the green. And some actions add MASSIVE growth to your bank account.

If all it takes is a minute of discomfort to grow and open up unbelievable possibilities to change your life, hasn’t the decision already been made?

It Forces You to See What You Want and How Badly You Want It

If a little discomfort is enough to prevent you from getting someone’s number, did you really want it in the first place?

Tony Robbins is a big believer in that if you want something bad enough, it is inevitable that you will get it.

If you find that you consistently aren’t making any of these beneficial transactions with life, dig deeper.

Look at the difference between these two price tags for starting a business.

  • Price: Month of time, loss of $200, embarrassment if it fails
  • Purchased: More Money, Freedom


  • Price: Month of time, loss of $200, not being able to tell anyone until it becomes successful because of fear of embarassment 😉
  • Purchased: More money, freedom, raw life changing experience, finally able to visit Thailand and Europe, more time which means you can watch your son take his first step and lose his first tooth, the feeling of waking up in the morning with energy and vigor, the beauty of working on a beach while you check your growing bank balance.

Which one made you salivate more?

Life is dangling these transactions in your face every day.  Life is spreading her legs before you.  It is offering its opportunities for wholesale prices.  Are you willing to shell out a little bit of discomfort to get what you want?  Ski in the Andes? Meet the love of your life?


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