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by TJ Nelson on August 18, 2012

Dear Friend,

Trial-and-error learning is painful with any endeavor.  With depression it is excruciatingly painful.

After years and years of painful trial-and-error of attacking depression, thinking I had “found the cure” only to relapse again and again, through a process of…

reading obssesively all the current research and books on the topic…

experimenting with my own brain chemistry…

obtaining a degree in Psychology…

working directly with people who suffer from mental illness…

…I’ve discovered a few key supplements that replenish and rejuvenate all the brain’s juicy neurotransmitters that directly affect mood and well-being.

My Depression Story Became a Success Story

I was asked to give a few speeches for my work.

I spoke for Masters of Social Work students and was surprised when people came up to me afterwards and said that I appear so healthy.

They couldn’t believe that I used to suffer from depression.

Today every now and then, people who know me well ask me what I did to turn myself around.  Other people don’t ask because they assume this is how I’ve always been.

What the others don’t know is I suffered from depression for 11 years.  Yes, 11 years.

I had tried every approach.  No matter what I did, I always returned to depression.  I’d spend months at a time in what I called “The Place.”  Where even putting on clothes was difficult and thoughts of suicide were considered normal.

I thought my depression was caused by…

…a moral flaw in my character…

…being boring so I bought a bullet bike…

…not being confident so I ran a marathon…

…not enough excitement so I went skydiving.

…tried antidepressants which worked for a while then only made things worse…

Not even SKYDIVING jolted me out of my depression…

Antidepressants worked for a few months.  No, they made me feel great for a few months.  After a few months, they’d stop working.

It was a weird form of existence – feeling a little “too good” like they were putting out the smoke but not the fire.

I then had to deal with withdrawal and dependence.

Day in and day out, I’d feel lonely and isolated, yet paradoxically I avoided people.  I couldn’t relate to anyone.

The slightest emotional pain would spiral out of control.  I wanted a way out.

Not only that, but I had severe anxiety.

Just raising my hand in class would be enough to get my heart pumping.

No matter how much I forced myself to “face my fears” I still had anxiety.  All the traditional approaches didn’t work.

I used to walk around in a low state of constant anxiety and fear.

I decided this wasn’t a way for me to live.

Every time I had a depressive episode I forced myself to go to the bookstore and read.  I had a lot of depressive episodes.

How Would You Like to Feel a Subtle Positivity, One that Can Be Maintained Daily?

Now I forgot to explain myself… The reason I mentioned other people “don’t ask” is because what I’ve discovered is subtle.

Do you know that a confident, positive state is natural? It is our baseline state that we all naturally have?

We naturally are supposed to wake up feeling good, granted we take care of ourselves.

Now I feel a calm natural healthy state everyday, provided I follow my regimen.  I have a sense of positivity that lasts throughout the day.  I don’t feel “high.”  I feel positively normal.

When good things happen, I get excited.  When bad things happen, I still feel the pain but know they will eventually pass.  I can handle the stress.

I had suffered chronically from low serotonin.  I had insomnia.  My body would pump me full of stress hormones.  My mind would race, until finally after a few weeks I’d crash.

I tried supplement after supplement…

My brain chemistry was an experimental lab..

When I found this subtle combination I gradually started to…
 …feel calmer throughout the day…
craved healthy foods rather than sweets…
…sleep soundly at night…
talk at social events without anxiety…
handle stress without it overwhelming me. 

If you aren’t getting enough serotonin in your brain, it’s not your fault that you feel the way you feel.

Serotonin has a massive affect on your mood.

Not only that, did you know that serotonin is associated with…

sexual desire and function…

learning and memory…

appetite and food cravings…

tolerating pain…

frequency and intensity of panic attacks?

Not only that, but 5-HTP has been shown to have antioxidant properties, in some areas comparable with Vitamin C.

Unfortunately, your brain cannot produce serotonin on its own.  Fortunately, with the right foods and amino acids your brain will have plenty to utilize.

How Your Brain Produces Serotonin

Serotonin Production Process

Serotonin is synthesized in the body from the foods you eat.  Unfortunately, tryptophan (which is converted into 5-HTP) has been slowly declining in the foods we eat for the past one hundred years from animals eating lower quality diets.

Your brain takes L-tryptophan and converts it into 5-HTP, which your brain utilizes Vitamin B6 to convert the 5-HTP into 5-HT (serotonin).

The image to the right (stolen from wikipedia) illustrates the process.

You see all those happy people running around, antidepressant free, and somehow seem to be little serotonin factories?

If you are like me, that used to anger me.

Here I am, working my ass off everyday, and all these people have to do is wake up and feel their happiness.

A loss of serotonin can come from:

  • Stress
  • Genes
  • Low light (evening or in the winter)
  • Lack of exercise
  • Diet

Eating more protein won’t necessarily provide your brain with the building blocks of serotonin.  Since tryptophan is becoming more and more scarce in our food, it is harder for tryptophan to compete with other amino acids to cross the blood brain barrier.

If you have been suffering from low moods, anxiety, depression, etc. 5-HTP may provide your brain with the direct building block necessary for serotonin production, skipping the previous steps of conversion from tryptophan.

Vitamin B-6: The Forgotten Ingredient to Serotonin Production

As I mentioned before, the brain needs an enzyme from Vitamin B6 to convert 5-HTP into 5-HT (serotonin).  Vitamin B6 is rare, and without enough of it, your brain might not be able to convert 5-HTP into serotonin effectively.

I started taking 5-HTP by itself which seemed to give me a small boost.

I then started t0 take random B Vitamins with a separate source of 5-HTP, which is fine, but a little unnecessary.

I combined the two essential products needed to create serotonin: 5-HTP and Vitamin B6.

Support and Education

Not only are you buying a supplement, but inside you’ll find…

…my secret to getting a good night’s rest every night

…my routine I do every morning to increase relaxation while the 5-HTP is absorbing…

…other supplements I’ve tried and how you can utilize them if they are right for you.

In other words, not only are you getting a supplement, you are getting a program to get rid of depression once and for all.

Depression has a lot of causes with serotonin being a key player in most cases.  However, you will be able to restore your serotonin stores much more quickly by  modifying your diet and lifestyle.

I want you to use this 5-HTP with Vitamin B6 to help speed up the process of repairing your brain’s communication.  However, I’d feel like I’d be letting a whole world of other factors

Things I have discovered on my own personal journey include…

…the importance of real sleep…

…possible food allergies affecting my biology…

…role of exercise in maintaining well-being…

…stopping anti-depressants without withdrawal.

You’ll gain access to findings in research concerning side effects, combinations, and whether or not you can combine 5-HTP with the medication you are taking.

I don’t want you to blindly buy a supplement that “might” help you, but take this wonderful supplement in the most effective manner for you personally.

Most people don’t know that 5-HTP is best absorbed on an empty stomach with Vitamin B6.  Eating a healthy carbohydrate source (no protein!) such as an apple or kiwi with it can further increase its rate of conversion into serotonin.

I have a routine I do every morning while the 5-HTP is absorbing into my cells that enhances my life and helps calms me down.  Not only that, but it is free and can be done virtually anywhere.

You will learn how your brain only utilizes as much 5-HTP as it needs, how using 5-HTP is a natural process that doesn’t create dependency, and how to gain back that mood you know is possible.

5-HTP is Safe and Proven

What is the number one reported side effect of anti-depressants?

That’s right.  Sexual dysfunction.

5-HTP studies show no sexual dysfunction.  In fact, one study actually found that 5-HTP had fewer side effects than a placebo.

5-HTP relieved anxiety symptoms in 58% of patients as opposed to 48% on Luvox (antidepressant in Europe similar to Prozac).

When combined with Prozac, serotonin activity was increased from 150% on the Prozac alone to 615% after the 5-HTP was added.

Once You’ve Gone Through a Bottle, Stop

“You are selling me a supplement I’m supposed to take every day and now you are telling me to stop after one bottle?? That doesn’t make any sense!”

I know, I know.  I’d make much more money if I told you that you needed bottle after bottle in order to stay vibrant and positive.

To be honest, many of you won’t need that.

Some of you might. But with the right lifestyle changes, once 5-HTP has run its course and replenished your serotonin, you should be able to stop taking it and still feel great.

That’s the amazing thing about 5-HTP.  It is the natural way your brain makes serotonin.  It isn’t an artificial chemical that tricks your brain into believing it can stop producing serotonin anymore because it no longer needs to.

And if you are getting high quality 5-HTP, you are literally restoring your brain back to its positive, confident, anxiety free state that it naturally once was.

After my first bottle I stopped taking it and was able to maintain my emotional balance.

It is a great feeling to know that if I travel and forget it, my brain will keep its balance with no withdrawal.

Currently I take 5-HTP everyday because I am under a lot of stress that has depleted my brain of all its happy feel-good messengers.

It is my cost-effective insurance against depression and anxiety.


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